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More questions?


Why should I buy LASERCHAIN (LSC) tokens now?

First reason is, the sooner you buy your LSC, the cheaper the price would be. Second, if you start playing game with more LASERCHAIN in your account, you would be in competitive advantage over other players, would be able to expand your base faster and have more chances to get the leading position and build most powerful army. Third reason is, there is only a limited amount of LSC to be sold. Once it's gone, it's gone...

How many tokens are there?

There are 1,000,000,000 tokens total. 200,000,000 LSC will be sold during the sale. 600,000,000 tokens are reserved by the game bank to be awarded to players through Proof of Play mechanisms in the game. The game will take these tokens back when they are spent on in-game purchases, creating a zero sum economy. Coins will never be created or burned, this coin is built on the WAVES blockchain and is fixed in quantity. It should also be noted that the currency only has 4 decimal places instead of the standard 8. These decimal places were intentionally limited to maintain divisibility but increase readability in the game. The starting price is $0.10 per coin, but the market price will fluctuate with coin demand.

Can I make money playing?

There are many ways that will allow players to get LSC tokens in the game though the combat and through the proof of play mechanisms. Tokens will give an early competitive advantage to those players who obtain them and will help to speed up the game progression. A fully built base can produce up to 6,000 LASERCHAIN tokens a month. After the tokens are sold out on our website, they may be acquired from exchanges and the price will be as high as the world wants it to be. DISCLAIMER: This token is a necessary utility of gameplay. We are not an investment nor a security, we cannot predict what the future value of the tokens would be. The market price will fluctuate with coin demand.

Can other players steal all my coins?

No. Once you purchase the game tokens, they will be sent to your LaserChain Wallet. This Wallet does not affect your game balance and its sole purpose is to store your LSC safely. Once you decide to spend some of your tokens in game, you can send any amount you want to your base (Game Wallet). You can also transfer the coins back from game to the storage wallet at any time. Second, Every player starts on a small planet with other people who joined around the same time a they did. On this planet everyone belongs to the same faction , and there is no player vs player combat allowed. When you reach a certain level you can go to the War Planet which offers the more opportunities to mine LSC, but also puts your resources at risk. If you decide to move to the Battle Planet, our system will protect you from stronger players until you reach their power level.

Will LASERCHAIN be listed on any exchanges?

LASERCHAIN is a cryptocurrency. It is globally accessible, and can be used on the Waves exchange (DEX) right now. People can and probably will trade it there and you can join them if you wish. Download our DEX EXCHANGE GUIDE to learn how trade our token

How do I change my password?

To change your password, please log out of your account, click the "forgot password" button and then follow instructions on screen. Or simply follow this link

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